Audio video Door Phone & Electric Door Lock

Video Door Phone

A Video Door Phone, also known as a video intercom or doorbell camera, is an electronic device that combines a doorbell, a camera, a speaker, and a display screen to allow two-way communication between individuals at the front door and those inside a building. It serves several purposes, including security, convenience, and communication:

Video Door Phone and Electric Door Lock are two security-related devices commonly used in residential and commercial settings to enhance access control and monitor visitors at the entrance. Below are detailed explanations of these two devices:


1. Camera : The camera is usually mounted outside the front door and captures a live video feed of anyone standing at the entrance.

2. Microphone and Speaker : These components enable two-way audio communication between the person at the door and the person inside.

3. Display Screen : Inside the building, there is a monitor or display screen where residents can see the video feed from the camera and communicate with the visitor.

4. Doorbell Button : The device also includes a doorbell button that visitors can press to alert the residents.


1. Visitor Identification : When a visitor presses the doorbell button, the camera activates, and the resident can see who is at the door on the display screen. They can speak to the visitor and verify their identity.

2. Remote Access : Many modern video door phones offer remote access through smartphones or tablets, allowing residents to see and communicate with visitors even when they are not at home.

3. Security : Video door phones act as a visual deterrent to potential intruders and enhance the security of a property by providing a clear view of the entrance.


Electric Door Lock

An electric door lock is an access control device that uses electricity to lock or unlock a door. It can be integrated with various security systems and is commonly used in both residential and commercial applications for added security and convenience. There are different types of electric door locks, but the most common ones are:




– Electric door locks can be controlled through various means, such as key fobs, access cards, smartphones, or a central control system.

– They offer increased security as they can be remotely controlled and monitored.

– Access can be restricted or granted to specific individuals at specific times, enhancing access control.

– They are often integrated with other security systems like video door phones to provide a comprehensive security solution.


In summary, video door phones and electric door locks are essential components of modern access control and security systems. They work together to provide a secure and convenient way to monitor and control access to a building or residence.

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