Hello friends, today we will unbox the c3n camera and see what is in it and review it c3n outdoor smart wi-fi camera so let’s see what is in it and what are the features in it, first let’s see the features than its features It has Ai Power Human deduction, Color Night Vision, Full HD 1080 pixels,

And it comes with a Powerful Dual Band WiFi Antenna It is waterproof It can support a Micro SD card

That you can subscribe to cloud storage, and you can also take it in it, so let’s see what is inside the box

first of all, we have In this, there is a user manual on how to install what and this is the QR code on it, from this you can scan and add this camera as well.

this is our smart camera

With the dustproof, now if you pay attention to the front, there are two big lights for color vision.

So, friends, this is where some clips come in this box, so what happens if you want to run it with wire, then connect the wire to the wire, if water does not go into it, then you can close it, and the second one is a sticker by hitting a drill. Where you have to put this rest, we have the screw and ballast, you can screw and ballast to it, so friends, this was our box in the box of the camera, so if you want to see the installation of the camera, then how to add it?

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